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Bedtime Stories are original, erotic short-stories submitted by visitors to as well as other published and non-published authors. Please sit back and enjoy the works of these talented writers.

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Only If You Ask

She might have laughed out loud if she wasn’t so frustrated and a bit worried. No. Really. Who gets their expensive platinum bracelet and designer sweater caught up in a giant binding machine? And now, after too many pulls, twists and turns, Kandi had managed to handcuff both wrists to the damn machine. Who does that? She blew a stray curl out of her face and looked again at the supply room door. She raised her voice hopefully loud enough to signal she needed help but reserved her full-on horror movie scream for later. She looked down at her Apple Watch to see it was almost five-thirty. Kandi knew that most, if not all, the admins had clocked out and...

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Lost and Found in a Crowd

A bead of sweat started at her temple, quietly rolled down the side of her neck, meandered into her cleavage and pool just under her right breast. She bent her head and blew softly into her bra. Damn, it was hot! Thank God the sun was starting to set; bringing a much-needed cool-down. They had been waiting in the park for over an hour for the concert to start, in standing room only crowds – standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other die-hard Cajun Magic fans. As it was Portia’s white & lime green sundress with the sunflowers, that looked so cool and crisp just hours ago, had wilted and was now clinging to her thighs and hips like Saran wrap. Portia shifted...

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Special Education

I finally figured it out. Yep! Waiting for them to call your number at the DMV was like being in jail. Great! I was only 23 people away from freedom. Fortunately, a stop at the cleaners was the only thing left on my list. If I hurried, I might make it home in time to pull something together for dinner. As it was, I would probably have to finish part of my work project at home tonight. Yea, Rashad would be thrilled as shit to know I was working late again. When did life get so complicatedly busy? My grandmother didn’t own a cell phone or have a Twitter account, yet she always managed to get things done – including...

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