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Playing Cards Duo Set
Playing Cards Duo Set
Playing Cards Duo Set
Playing Cards Duo Set
Playing Cards Duo Set
Playing Cards Duo Set
Playing Cards Duo Set


​Introducing Rundu Men DUO Set II which are playing cards featuring two of our Rundu Men.

These cards are casino grade playing cards and each order comes with 2 decks – Naughty and Nice!


  • Authentic Casino Grade Playing Cards
  • Traditional 54 Card Poker-size Decks
  • Two Decks in Duo Set
  • One Deck Clothed, One Au Natural
  • Sleek, Velvet Carrying Pouch Per Deck
  • Superior Quality – Premium Linen Finish


Is there a picture of a different guy on each card?

​No, but here’s why. Though some ‘novelty’ card decks feature a different guy or woman on each card in the deck, the Rundu Men playing cards were manufactured to be played in real card games by serious players. Therefore, similar to how traditional casino grade card brands such as TITAN, Bicycle and Aviator are designed, the same image is on the back of all the cards. The card faces (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, etc) are all traditional card faces.

​If the deck had images of different guys, before long, a person will be able to figure out which image represented a certain card. These cards were created for you to have plenty of fun with friends and family – but with a real deck.

Playing Cards Duo Set

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Rundu Men playing cards are not your typical "novelty" cards. These cards were manufactured in accordance to strict casino grade playing card specifications complete with a premium linen finish. That's not all...Each Rundu Men playing card deck comes with its own impressive, velvet carrying pouch.

PLEASE NOTE: THE PLAYING CARD IMAGES SHOWN ARE THE ONLY TWO IMAGES IN THE DECKS: These playing cards were created for serious card players and for you to have plenty of fun with family and friends - but with a real deck not a ‘novelty’ deck.