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Submit Your Story or Poem to Us

Is there a naughty story or sensual poem inside you that’s itching to come out?

We will continue to update Bedtime Stories and Spoken Passions in The Blush Zone and welcome some sexy submissions! Our Bedtimes Stories’ section features original, erotic short stories and we love intense, steamy stories that are hot, hot, hot! Of course, some expressive explicit profanity is allowed but we are not seeking overly profanity-laced stories. All story lengths are acceptable.

If your short story is selected, you will receive your choice of a free Wetdreams Coffee Table Book or free Rundu Shower Curtain. We are also seeking erotic poetry and if your piece is chosen, you will receive a free set of our Rundu Men Playing Cards.

If you are an author/poet with a book and have you own website, social media platforms or link with information about your book, we will place a link at the end of your story/poem so readers can visit your website and up to two of your social media platforms. If you do not have a published book or website and just love to write, we can still place a link to one of your social media platforms at the end of your story or poem.

You may use your real name, an alias or remain anonymous – whichever you prefer. However, we will need your name and email address so we can contact you in regards to sending your free Rundu products and to confirm your information. Your email address will not be posted unless you ask us to do so.

Where do I send my story or poem?
Please attach your story or poem to your email as a Word document and email it to

Be sure to include a short author bio (if you have a book), and the contact info you want to accompany your story/poem such as your website address and/or your social media links.

If your story or poem is selected, we will notify you via email and confirm your information before posting it. will not own any copyrights to your work or use your work in any way other than as content on our website, our Social Media platforms and/or our email newsletters.

A copyright notice will be placed on your work next to your name or your alias. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will still place a copyright mark next to the word “anonymous”. By submitting your story or poetry, you grant permission to place your story or poem on its website, its Social Media platforms and/or its email newsletters.

Thank you for your submission.