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What's Inside the 2009 DVD
  • Hot, uncensored photo shoots of the guys in Jamaica
  • Sizzling performances by the Rundu Men
  • Up close and personal interviews of the guys & more!
What's Inside the 2008 DVD
  • Gorgeous Rundu Men
  • Extended performances by the guys
  • Uncensored, behind-the-scenes
Caribbean photo shoots
  • In-depth look at the guys
  • You will get an EYEful while watching this DVD!

This DVD was shot a few years ago in gorgeous Jamaica during the calendar shooting of RUNDU MEN STYLE the Hybrid Edition; which featured 50% clothed and 50% au natural images.

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Take a ride through the beautiful Jamaican countryside and see the breathtaking waterfalls as well as some of the Rundu Men wearing nothing but a smile.