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Only If You Ask

Only If You Ask - Bedtime Story

She might have laughed out loud if she wasn’t so frustrated and a bit worried. No. Really. Who gets their expensive platinum bracelet and designer sweater caught up in a giant binding machine? And now, after too many pulls, twists and turns, Kandi had managed to handcuff both wrists to the damn machine. Who does that? She blew a stray curl out of her face and looked again at the supply room door. She raised her voice hopefully loud enough to signal she needed help but reserved her full-on horror movie scream for later. She looked down at her Apple Watch to see it was almost five-thirty. Kandi knew that most, if not all, the admins had clocked out and were halfway to happy hour, with many of the managers soon to follow.

For the first time, panic started to inch its way up Kandi’s spine as she considered she could very well be stuck in the damn supply room all night. She tugged again at the machine’s teeth while sweat meandered down the small of her back. At 5’9, with big breasts, a big curly afro, and a smile that could melt ice, Kandi possessed a deadly combination of intelligence, self-confidence and natural beauty – even if she didn’t recognize it. Even so, silly things like this didn’t happen to her; being in control was part of her DNA.

Kandi wondered what would happen if she pulled and tried to back out of her sweater? Well, she might feel cooler, but it wouldn’t free her hands. She quickly nixed that idea when she thought of one of her colleagues finding her topless and bound.

“Hello? Is anybody there?” she yelled out again. Damn it!! This was ridiculous! She didn’t mind sacrificing the black cashmere sweater, but the platinum and diamond bracelet was her birthday present to herself and cost her almost two months’ salary. She sure as hell wasn’t about to rip it apart when surely someone in the office had to hear her cries! “Help!” “Somebody?” “Is anybody there?” She fought back the sting of tears that were bubbling to the surface. How would that look? The VP of Marketing, with a fancy Master’s degree, crying hysterically, handcuffed to the presentation binding machine? Oh, hell no! She sucked it up and shook her head.

This is what she gets for having to bind her own presentation folders in the first place. She regretted not being more vocal in asking Christopher, the CEO, to hire her a competent assistant. How could she be expected to produce quality work if she was doing most of the clerical duties herself? None of the other C-level executives had to put up with this bullshit! Even Alex in client development had an admin, a part-time analyst AND a summer intern! Kandi had worked her ass off to make VP, and she was tired of being treated like a secretary! Nope! First thing in the morning, Kandi would bring this up with Christopher again, even if she had to stand on his desk to be heard!

“Help!” This time, she gave a full-on yell! It was well after six o’clock now and Kandi realized the building would soon be completely empty. Another bead of sweat ran between her breasts as she tugged at her wrists again. Just then, she heard the supply room door creak open, and she almost squealed out loud with joy and relief.

“Hello?? Hi! Oh, thank God,” she stammered, craning her neck to see her rescuer’s face. It was the handyman she had seen working in the building on a few occasions when she worked late. She thought his name was Cam, Carl or Craig or something like that. Kandi had secretly hoped that it had been Amir, the fine-ass brotha from accounting, but beggars can’t be choosey. She was grateful that anyone had heard her at all. And to be honest, Carl or Craig wasn’t too bad looking, even if he wasn’t exactly on her level.

“Thank God you’re here! It’s C-Craig, isn’t it?” she guessed with a shy smile.
“Yeah, Craig,” he answered, perusing her situation. “And you’re Ms. Reynolds, in the marketing department, right?”
“Yes! But tonight, it looks like I’m from the idiot department. Can you help me out?” She threw a glance down at her bound hands and bunched-up sweater.
“Well, looks like you’re pretty caught up here,” he said, assessing the snarled mess.
“I don’t know how I managed to get both the sweater AND the bracelet tangled in the machine, but I did,” she sighed.

Kandi noticed his uniform was pressed and he looked surprisingly clean. Craig stepped closer, gently twisting her wrists to see how tightly she was bound. His hands were warm and strangely soft. Not the hands you would expect from a man who probably spent a lifetime using tools. He smiled up at the concern on her face.
“I think I may have something to get you out of this,” he said, turning back to rifle through his toolbox.
“Oh, Great!” Kandi silently prayed that he wouldn’t drip oil or some other lube on her expensive Louboutin shoes.
“But, uhmm, I’d like to save the bracelet if possible,” Kandi said over her shoulder.
Craig smiled again, showing beautiful white teeth, “An expensive gift?” he asked.
“Yes! To myself. I’m normally not so self-indulgent…” she said sheepishly, quickly feeling very self-absorbed and entitled.
“No need to apologize for getting what you want,” he said as though he was an old friend who understood the benefits of being good to oneself. “And I promise I won’t destroy your beautiful gift,” he reassured her.

Craig returned with some type of long plier-looking tool and carefully picked at her sweater, meticulously trying to avoid the bracelet. Kandi sighed deeply, relieved that she’d soon be out of her shackles and into a Margarita. She peered at his bald head, which was bent low, and couldn’t help but notice the one stud earring in his ear. He smelled of soap and a faint hint of cologne. Ok, on second glance he was handsome in a manly way. But what maintenance man ever smelled this fresh and clean? Of course silly, handymen shower before they come to work; she reprimanded herself, stifling a giggle.

“So Craig, did you just start your shift? I usually only see you until I’m on my way out of the building,” Kandi quietly asked, noticing for the first time that he was tall and muscular.
“Yes, I don’t start until four o’clock,” he replied.
“Well, that must make for long nights, doesn’t it?” she inquired, secretly wondering if his wife hated him working nights, but she didn’t see a wedding band.
“I actually like it that way,” Craig smiled over at her. “By 6 pm, the building is mostly empty, and it’s pretty quiet.”

Craig lifted her wrists again, twisting to one side, then the other, then went back to slowly picking apart the sleeve of her sweater.
“I honestly don’t know how this happened,” Kandi spoke to break the silence while he worked.
“I thought all the executives had assistants to do this stuff, Craig replied with a grin.
“Oh, don’t even get me started! I’ve needed an assistant for months!!” she said, her voice rising to a slight shrill!
“Well, sometimes you have to ask directly and don’t stop asking until you get what you want,” he said with his head bent low close to hers.
“Oh, yeah! As a VP, I plan to do exactly that first thing in the morning!”

He lifted her wrist again, and the sweater looked to be loosening. But this time, she could have sworn his fingers were caressing the inside of her palm. Did she imagine his subtle movements? Her hand was tingling. She shook her head. Kandi, get a grip, she told herself. Craig was merely trying to get her free, and she should be grateful for his help. But suddenly, Kandi realized that Craig was standing behind her, pressed against her back. No, she clearly was NOT imagining his body pressed up against hers. What the hell?? She turned to protest his invasion of her personal space and put him in check, but he leaned in and whispered hotly in her ear.
“Just tell me when you want me to stop…”
What? Stop right now, her brain screamed. How dare he?! Did he not know who the fuck she was? She was gonna have his ass fired first thing tomorrow!! But before she could scream a venomous reply and threats of unemployment, he slipped his tongue in her ear! Shocked, Kandi faltered for just a moment, forgetting all the insults she was preparing to say. All the while, Craig had a full-body press against her; she could feel him hard against her ass and his warm breath on her ear.
“When was the last time you asked to be fucked, Kandi?” he whispered.
None of your damn business, she thought…and how the hell did he know her first name? Yet his question was so erotic she could only manage a soft moan in response.

His lips left her ear as he began pressing kisses into the back of her neck and into her hair. Kandi’s knees felt weak. What the hell was wrong with her? She should have been cussing him out and demanding that he take his damn hands off her. But it was like stepping into a hot bath; his seductive hot mouth drew her in, causing all the fight to ooze out. She exhaled. Craig’s hands had found her breasts under her sweater, kneading one while gently squeezing the other nipple. His mouth never left her neck.
“Do you want me to stop, Kandi?” he whispered again. “Huh, Kandi?
Once again, her mind screamed YES, but her body and voice simultaneously said, “Nooo, don’t stop…”

Her consent was all Craig needed to turn up the intensity. He released one breast and slowly slid his hand down her thigh, inching up her skirt while he softly caressed her thighs – rubbing the front then stroking just above the back of her knee.

“Do you want me to kiss you here?” The deep tremble of his voice teased her senses. “Yeesss,” she breathed.

Kandi wondered if the barrage of questions was part of his seduction. But it didn’t matter. Craig was already squatting behind her and kissing the back of her knees while running his tongue up the back of her thighs. Oh good God, it was the most exquisite feeling she had ever felt! She could feel his breath between her legs. When was the last time she had been adored this way? She wanted to reach behind her and caress his head, but her sweater and bracelet held her firmly in place.

“Should I stop?” Craig asked.
“No, no! Please don’t stop,” she almost begged.

So, he continued his methodical exploration of her outer, then inner, thighs until his fingers reached her thong. Kandi’s legs opened on their own accord as she hung her head. She felt flushed like sitting before a roaring fire. And after several long minutes, Craig’s fingers began their slow assault on her lips. He teased them lightly at first with one finger – as though he was stroking her face. But then, without warning, he used his other hand to part them – exposing her bud. Kandi thought her knees would give way. But his fingers just circled her lips and opening, smearing her over-flowing silky wetness but avoiding the most sensitive part of her.

“Tell me what you want me to do, Kandi?” Craig asked.

What? Was he asking her to have a coherent thought right now? What she wanted was for him to stroke her bud until she was crying and screaming his name!! That should have been obvious! But he waited for her direction.

“Touch me,” she managed to get out in a barely audible voice.
“Touch you where?” he demanded.
“I-I mean, touch my clit,” she stammered.

And just like that, he began stroking her clit, which was now enlarged and exposed! His fingers were like magic. He stroked her core like a skilled maestro, then circled her pussy and the inside of her lips—only to begin again. Kandi didn’t know how she was still standing.
“Do you want me to finger fuck you?” he asked in a husky voice after what seemed like an eternity.
“Yes!” Kandi pleaded.
“Ask for what you want, Kandi,” he coaxed.
“Finger fuck me, pleeease!” Kandi begged.
In one smooth motion, he pushed two fingers inside her.
“Like this?” Craig inquired, as though he was genuinely asking for direction. She wanted to answer, but her mind wouldn’t form the words. She stood there with her legs gapped wide open, her head hung low, her hands bound before her, and did the only thing she could do. She moaned loudly, giving into the pure pleasure of his touch.

Kandi leaned into the rhythm of his fingers, pushing her weight back into his hand as his two fingers moved deep inside her.
“Kandi, tell me if you want me to stop,” he whispered.
Stop? Why on earth would she want him to stop something that felt so divine? No, she couldn’t ask him to stop if her life depended on it. Kandi’s legs were spread as far as they could and still standing. Her hips were gyrating against the movement of his appendages. Both of them were panting and grunting like animals in heat.

Kandi didn’t care that at this moment, she was in the supply room at her job, hands bound, being finger fucked by the company maintenance man. It didn’t matter that someone could walk in on them while her ass was exposed. She didn’t care that she was allowing this stranger to do all kinds of nasty things to her and that she liked it. All she cared about was that he didn’t stop. And Craig was unrelenting in his manipulation of her pussy – the room filled with the slurping sounds of his penetration.

“Ask for what you want, Kandi. Do you want me to fuck you now?”
“Yesss,” she whispered.
“Tell me what you want me to do!” Craig demanded.
“I want you to fuck me!” Kandi gushed out.
“Are you sure?” he quizzed, almost smirking.
“Yes, I want you to fuck me!” she mumbled louder.
He removed his fingers from her pussy and stepped away, leaving a space between them. Kandi heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. She waited. But he didn’t move, nor did he come closer. The anticipation was maddening. She raised her head.
“Please, fuck me!” Yet he didn’t move. “Fuck me, pleaaasee, Craig!” Kandi was all but sobbing his name and begging this strange man to fuck her. Finally, he entered her pussy in force. Thank God Craig had taken the time to slip on a condom because she hadn’t thought about it, even though she knew she should have. She wondered fleetingly if condoms were also standard issue in his toolbox.

Craig’s dick was bulbous and hot, like steel encased in luxurious silk. He was everything Kandi didn’t know she wanted and had never asked for. He leaned against her back, bending her forward, flattening her breast against the countertop, and whispered hotly in her ear, “Do you want all of my dick, Kandi?”
“Yes! All of it!” “All of it!” she chanted.
Craig filled her up, stretched her, expanded her. And the more he gave her, the more she realized she wanted. Craig pumped into her hard and deep over and over. Then he surprised her as he held her hips with one hand he began slapping her ass with the other. Kandi’s moans turned to more raspy animal sounds.
“Do you like that when I spank you, Kandi? Craig asked.
“Yes,” she cried.
“Do you want me to spank you some more?” He inquired.
“Yes, spank me again!” Kandi heard herself say, although she couldn’t remember the last time a man spanked her. Hell, she couldn’t remember if she liked being spanked until now. But every stinging slap, that was sure to leave a mark was the most exquisite dance between pain and pleasure. She concluded that fuck yeah, she liked it!

Kandi could hear her sweater ripping slightly and didn’t care as Craig continued to fuck her from behind, slapping her ass hard between strokes. She felt dirty, nasty and like the consummate slut, but more sexually charged and alive than ever. Craig slapped her ass until the sting resonated deep within her pussy. It was then Kandi felt her orgasm building, starting from her toes then climbing slowly to her belly. Craig quickened his rhythm, pumping faster and harder into her. This time, she knew exactly what she wanted him to do and asked before he could inquire.
“Stroke my clit, Craig!” she demanded.
“Ah-ha,” Craig laughed aloud. “It didn’t take long for you to start demanding what you want! Ask me again for what you want, Kandi,” he coaxed.
“I want you to stroke my clit while you fuck me, she said breathlessly.
Craig smiled arrogantly as his fingers began flicking her bud. She moaned loudly. Soon his grunts, which sounded like acapella music, filled the air. Kandi leaned into the rush of pure orgasmic ecstasy washing over her. She wanted to scream, cry and pee herself all at the same time.
“Yes! Oh my God! Yes! Yes! YEESSSSSSS!” Kandi yelled as she came in wave after wave of erotic joy. But before she could slow her breathing and her heartbeat, Craig grabbed a fist full of her afro, pulling her head back, and began chanting her name, over and over as if he too, had found a great treasure. His orgasm made his legs shake as he spewed an abundance of cum into the condom. They were both still for a moment before Craig placed soft kisses into the back of her neck. She felt sated and as if their sexual union was the most normal thing in the world.

Craig slowly pulled out, kissing her behind her ear one last time. Kandi wanted to pull up her thong which was pooled around her ankles, but her hands reminded her of her bound state. Surprisingly, Kandi wasn’t overly ashamed of what had just happened. Still, she was curious as to why asking specifically for what she wanted, in bed or in life, was a newfound power she had just discovered she’d lost. After several minutes of composing herself, she quietly asked, “Do you think you can get me loose?”
“I don’t know, Kandi, can I? Craig replied, amused as he zipped up his pants and buckled his belt. For a minute, Kandi was confused by his answer, a little afraid that he would leave her as he found her. Then she cleared her throat and said with authority, “Cut me loose, Craig!”
“Of course,” he replied, using the small tool on the counter to delicately remove the bracelet from the teeth of the machine. And just like that, both her hands were free, causing Kandi to question if Craig could have cut her loose sooner.

She pulled up her thong, pulled down her skirt over her ass which still throbbed from the spanking, then fluffed her hair. Craig picked up his toolbox and began making his way towards the door.
“Aren’t you afraid I’ll tell someone or get you fired?” she inquired, trying to gauge his attitude.
“It’s your choice, Ms. Reynolds. I only gave you what you asked for,” he said nonchalantly.

Kandi stood for a moment processing the truth of his statement. Sensing her deliberation, he turned as he exited the room, “Remember, you can have anything you want if you ask for it!”

Kandi wondered if there was a Mrs. Craig or at least a girlfriend that would object if she summoned him to her house tonight. But for now, it didn’t matter. As she flicked off the light and closed the door behind her, Kandi vowed from now on that she would make it a point to ask for, even demand, precisely what she wanted. And she’d start with asking for another fuck-session with Craig. Only next time she would have the control, and her hands would be free!

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Deborah Porter, aka Shula Divine, is a self-proclaimed erotica connoisseur. With a 20-year love and fascination for all things erotic and a passion for Black women’s sexual freedom, she also holds an impressive private collection of erotic sculptures and artwork. For several years, Ms. Shula wrote scripts for live erotic cabaret shows in Las Vegas. Currently, she is the purveyor of “Pleasure-Points Tours,” a sensuality travel company, and hosts her “Sybarite Sunday,” sex talk show. Ms. Shula is also finishing her book of erotic short stories, "Sweet Potato Pie.” She is a student of Kabbalah and makes her home in Panama City, Panama.

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