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Your Card Parties Will Never be the Same.

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The Rundu Men playing cards are authentic, casino-style playing cards with the following features:

Authentic Casino Quality Playing Cards
Traditional 52 Card Poker-size Decks
Two Decks in Combo Package:  One Deck Clothed, One Au Natural
Sleek, Velvet Carrying Case Per Deck
Superior Quality
Double-sided UV Coating to Last a Lifetime

GREAT Gift Idea...or Just Treat Yourself
Get ready for your Super Bowl and other card parties now!

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Clothed Deck

One deck for your nice side

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Hot Deck

One deck for your naughty side

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Add a little spice to your favorite card games with authentic Rundu Men casino quality playing cards.

Rundu Men playing cards are not your typical "novelty" cards. These cards were manufactured in accordance to strict casino playing card specifications complete with embossed casino card paper and a double UV coating on both sides for durability. That's not all...Each Rundu Men playing card deck comes with its own impressive, velvet carrying case.

FAQ About the playing cards:
Do the decks come with different pictures on the playing cards?
There are two decks; non-nude and nude in the combo package. The non-nude deck has the same non-nude image repeated on the cards and the nude deck has the same nude image repeated.

We researched putting different images on the backs of the cards but we wanted the playing cards to be professional grade playing cards that can be used in actual card games instead of 'novelty' cards. If we had placed different images on the backs of the cards, the card playing participants could easily figure out that a certain image is a 'King of Spades' or this image is a '3 of Hearts' and so on.

Since actual poker and casino playing cards have the same image on the backs of the cards, we wanted to replicate that.

Two Rundu Card Decks for One Low Price Get BOTH the clothed and the au natural decks in a Rundu Men Card Combo Special for only $19.95!

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