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Bedtime Stories are original, erotic short-stories submitted by visitors to as well as other published and non-published authors. Please sit back and enjoy the works of these talented writers.
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Someone Save Me by Sinsual

Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day by J.Harris

Party of One by Aprille C. Jenkins



Someone Save Me by Sinsual



Oh my god, here he comes again.

 I have to get out of here, I have to leave.  If I don’t leave now I will never be able to break away.  Last time I didn’t think I would ever recover from the pain he inflicted on me.  I was bruised, broken, and battered. I was so sore I couldn’t even walk.  My head and neck were so sore I could not even turn to see behind me.  I have to leave.  If he catches me here it is over for me.  He is too strong, to overpowering, too molten for me.

Someone has got to stop him.

He’s at the door, waiting for me.  He can sense my every movement, hear my every breath, detect every bead of sweat forming on my lip, on my forehead, on my stomach, on my back.  He knows that I am here. I can’t deny him.  What will I do?   Who will I turn to? Will no one help me?


Someone has got to stop him.

He’s knocking.  If I pretend not to hear him will he turn and walk away?  Will he believe my feeble attempts at trickery.  Of course not.  How could I be so stupid?  He’s been here so many times before that he knows the tread of my step the beating of  my heart even through the door.  If I don’t answer it will only be worse.  He’s knocking again.

Someone has got to stop him.

             Do I dare to open the door?  Do I dare to not?  He’s knocking even louder now…I have to open the door…someone please help me.

I smell him.  That’s always what gets me first.  The smell.  It is so repulsive so intoxicating.  It fills me with fear and when it leaves I am racked with longing.

 He’s walking closer to me. 

Oh God someone please stop him. 

The humiliation is too much for me to bear.


No.  No.  Stop. Don’t.  Let go of my hair, get your lips away from me, those pillows of lust those satin covered bricks.  Don’t…get away from my neck…don’t bite me get off of me.  Take your teeth away from me, You’re hurting me, bruising me, leaving marks of disgrace on my neck and shoulders, branding me like cattle, burning me with your white hot embers. 


Some one has got to stop him.

Stop!  You’re ripping my shirt!  Let me go…let go of my skirt, my stockings, my bra.  I have to run I have to get out of here I have to be away from him or he will consume me, again and again and again.  I have to run to hide to steal away.

Lock the door…fingers that won’t move fast enough, lock the door, push all your weight against it, push, push…don’t give up now…Oh God!

Running.  Feet not moving weightless lifted and thrown.  Room spinning… blurring turning. Weight on top of me…hands holding mine above me…lips on my neck, my shoulder, my breasts.  Legs struggling spreading east to west…hardness meeting softness…warmth meeting steel… sharps meeting flats, crowbars into pillows, shovel into earth, waves on the shore…UUUUGGGGGHHHH!



Tender kisses on cheeks sweet with blush, warm “goodbyes” and “see ya soon’s”

Breathless recalls, tremors of aftershock…


Some one has to stop him…because I don’t want to.


© Sinsual





Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day by J. Harris

We had cancelled our dinner plans because of the thunderstorm.  You never like to do anything when it rains, but tonight is going be different.  You are standing in front of the sliding glass door, watching the rain come down.  I had purposely left it open because the sound of the rain calms me.

It also makes me horny.

You are wearing some simple, black boxers with little red dots.  They are the only thing keeping you from being completely naked.  You yawn and stretch, and that is when I notice how toned your back muscles have gotten.

You look so sexy.  I want to play.

I take off all my clothes and walk up behind you. I embed my nipples within the creases of your back.    I kiss your lower neck.  My lips are cold.           

You are momentarily startled.  I am moving my hands around your waist searching for your nipples.  Your head lowers. I can tell that you are watching as I pinch them seductively. 

I am holding them tightly between my thumb and forefinger. I am also sucking and kissing you on your back and shoulders. Only seconds pass before I allow my tongue to follow the natural curve of your backside--down your spine ending with your asshole.   Your whole body stiffens around me.  Tense.

The veins in your dick feel good to me as I play with your corona and then continue to travel south.  My hands grope your balls.  You start to relax now.  That's good, baby.  Now, I am using my hands to caress your ass cheeks.  I gently kiss your cheeks. I like how you shiver on my tongue.  It's kinda like you want it, but you don't.   

I give it to you.  I am applying pressure around the 10:00 position.      That should be your lower hot spot.  I must have pushed a little too hard because now you are losing your balance.  You take a step forward.    This puts us outside on the balcony.  The rain is coming down hard on our naked bodies.  We look like an ad for one of those cheesy health spas, all wet, toned, and sexy.

You pick me up.  Kiss me.  Your kisses are like iced tea in August, refreshing!  Your kiss is aggressive.  Hard!  Your dick is throbbing against my stomach.  Your hands are caressing my nipples.  The warm rain is trickling down my face and between my breasts.  The water is making our bodies slippery.

You turn around, pinning me against the cold cement wall.  You are still kissing me.  I can taste the butterscotch candy inside your mouth.  You pass it to me, I pass it back, and our tongues continue to dance.        

Over your shoulder, I can see cars passing on the street below us. The thought of them watching us is exciting me.  You are kissing my face and neck.  My back is still slammed against the cold wall.  You are being aggressive, rough.  I like it.  The cold cement is sending chilly pulses through my body causing my nipples to stand at attention like a soldier in front of his General.

You abruptly stop kissing me and take a step back.  You watch how the rain falls into my hair, runs down my face, and then cascades over my perky breasts.  Spiraling throughout my hips and thighs, the beads of water look like little pearls on smooth my brown skin.

You kneel before me and spread my legs sinking your tongue into my soft, pink pussy.  You force that piece of butterscotch candy deep inside me.  Your tongue is exploring my sticky tunnel like a panther hunting its prey with slow, calculating movements.  Your mission is to find it before the warmth of my willing pussy devours it.  You are sucking and licking each part of my pussy.  Your tongue is a machine working me…my clit. You follow the sweet butterscotch trail down to my asshole and then back up to my warm origin of life.

I can barely stand.  It feels so good.  You finally find the candy, but not until I have had two wet orgasms. The way my body reacts to you has your dick harder than US steel.  Your strong hands grab my hips and lift me up slightly, positioning to penetrate.  You enter me with the patience of a man breaking a virgin, slow and steady.  Its driving me crazy.  I relent and wrap my legs around you like you are a thoroughbred and I am the jockey.  We become one.

You are fucking me as aggressively as the rain is falling. With each clap of thunder and every bolt of lightening, comes a deep, heavy thrust of your hips.  You and Mother Nature are doing a job on me.  All of my senses are heightened as the raindrops continue to provide me with total body stimulation.

Your hands, pressed into my ass, guide me directly into the path of your dick.    Your fingers are teasing my asshole.  I love that shit.  I relax, take a deep breath and then release the air from my lungs as you guide two fingers into my ass.  At the same time, your dick hits the bottom of my pussy.  With each thrust, you dig deeper and deeper.

It hurts in a good way, so I scream for more.  You give me what I want…the dick, every inch of it.  My body shakes, becomes tense, and then relaxes again.  I slide down your body onto the cool, ceramic tile.  I reach for your dick and put it in my mouth. Your thick veins feel great against my jaws.  I run my tongue across you corona, the G-Spot for men along the base of your dick. 

You watch me suck your dick.  You like how I take it all into my mouth making it disappear as I go down until my lips touch your balls.  I am moving my head back and forth; my lips roaming up and down your hard ass dick.  I am ready to taste your hot, milky cum.  You are grabbing my head.  You are holding on to my wet hair guiding me back and forth.  I relax my muscles, so that I can receive your dick without gagging.  You are giving it all to me.  I can feel it throbbing.       

You are holding your head back, eyes closed.  I can feel your muscles tensing.  You are moaning now, speaking that foreign language only known to men.    Gazing into my eyes, your movements cease.  You send a hot burst of cum down my throat, and I swallow every single drop of it.    You fall to your knees and relax your head on my lap.  I kiss your forehead. Unable to move, the rain swaddles us as we watch the traffic go by on the street below.                                


© J. Harris



Party of One by Aprille C. Jenkins

I’m laying on my bed slightly sweaty with the fan blowing on me with a tank top, no bra and panties half off…kind of just below the hips. The fan is just barely hitting the tip of my nipples and I find my fingers creeping and my eyes closing. Then, my mind wanders.

My right hand finds its way around the curly bush and plays in the texture. My middle finger slides directly on top of my clit, not yet rubbing, as if I’m teasing myself. The fingers to the right and left of it caress my plump lips. I have a temperamental pussy, so I can’t go in too early. I have to play and let the juices marinate. I rub all three fingers and focus on my clit. Now, if I focus, I will be in ecstasy in about 3 minutes. I don’t waste time and rub counterclockwise with a vengeance. My left hand pulls my tank to the side to let my nipple breath. I rub it until it’s hard and squeeze with my whole hand. I have always loved the contrast of my barely brown skin with my dark nipples. Men have always told me they were picture perfect. Damn I love me.

Adding the nipple pull made me wet so I can slide my fingers in and out now. It’s funny how my pussy can grip the smallest of objects to the biggest dicks. My finger has disappeared inside and it feels good; but I need more to get me to cum. I add another. Then another. I don’t want to use a vibrator this time because I like to think the most power still lies in my own hands. I use the juices to rub my clit again, which is rock hard now. All I need is a few more rubs with the right pressure and I will be on top of the world. I squeeze and grip my nipple and rub my clit until I feel flashes of heat all over. The heat flashes are the first sign of my orgasm to come. I speed up and synchronize. I trap my hand between my thighs and close my eyes.

One last squeeze right on top of my nipple takes me over the edge. Then, I cum silently and softly, with a long and heavy sigh. I barely shake. It’s almost like I’m saving the big convulsions for later or at least until it’s not a dream anymore.

© Aprille C. Jenkins

Reprinted from "Poems From the Girl Next Door: Imaginations, Illusions and Images"


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