About Us

Atlanta-based Rundu.com specializes in creating sensual images of African-American and Caribbean men and women

Rundu.com, is a consumer Internet and Multimedia publishing company specializing in the creation of both digital and offline products of the RUNDU® brand and all website and product images are exclusively photographed by award-winning, female photographer, Rundu.

The primary product of Rundu.com is the MEN...RUNDU STYLE calendar line; which has been the recipient of numerous awards including #1 calendar in the United States and internationally.

Rundu.com also publishes Wetdreams, a coffee table book which features nude, yet tasteful images of black men. Currently, Rundu.com will roll out its eCard website in mid-December 2015 which will feature sizzling classy eCards and Invites highlighting Rundu's images as well as Video eCards of the Rundu Men.

RUNDU.com features sensual, photographic canvas Giclee prints, free articles, free video clips and steamy black erotic short-stories and poetry submitted by visitors to the site called Bedtime Stories.

In addition to its printed products and galleries, the RUNDU calendar men make special appearances and perform their heart-stopping, MEN...RUNDU STYLE show live at select special events. More information about Rundu.com can be found in the Press Room.